Over 30 Years Experience

Let us put our 30 years of experience in remodeling, custom home construction,
and handyman services to work for you.




Our Process

Your home is one of your  most significant investments
Your time is valuable! 



Doing your homework is an important part of the process!



1. Get Acquainted
Sunny Brook Builders Firmly believes that establishing trust and confidence begins by getting to know each other and what your goals are.  It makes sense for you to you check some of the over 60 references listed here on our website,  and narrow down the field of contractors you are considering working with before we agree to meet. 


2. Discuss Your Project
This is usually done in our one hour consultation.  Typically, you will come to this meeting with a list of your wants and needs, your financial budget range and perhaps building plans or sketches.  If not, we can help you move to this step.  Together we review your wants and needs and any plans.  We offer suggestions and work with you to define your desires for the proposed scope of work.  With your concurrence, we can provide a budget projection free of charge for select customers (visit our approach page to see who qualifies) or sign a budget projection agreement which authorizes Sunny Brook Builders to put together preliminary project specifications, a time line, and a detailed or ballpark budget projection depending upon your needs.


3  On Site Visit
We meet with you and the appropriate subcontractors and design professionals on our team to view existing conditions and discuss options placement on the site for the house or addition,  considering drainage, views, access, and utilities.  We review the mechanicals, structural considerations, moisture management, insulation, layouts and many other factors and comment on options and potential issues.  Sunny Brook Builders uses this occasion for further refinement of the project scope of work.


4. Budget Projection Review
Sunny Brook Builders presents you with project specifications, schedule and budget projection. This information is reviewed with you, your questions are answered and you have the information needed to select the project, projects or portions there of  you want to pursue.  Together we take your decisions, refine the scope and budget and work out final details to allow final preparation for construction.


5. We Keep You Informed.
From the time the start date approaches and throughout the construction process we set up regular meetings.  We make use of emails, texting and often have a message board on site.  From selection of finished materials and allowance items to changes you desire as the work progresses to scheduling and hidden issues uncovered in remodeling, the building process requires a lot of communication.  Keeping you not only informed, but including you in the process and decision making is a priority for
Sunny Brook Builders.


6. Working With You
Our production  staff are not only tops in their field, but they are personable and friendly.  Respecting your property and lifestyle, as well as regularly communicating with you, is another priority for Sunny Brook Builders.  We concern ourselves with minimizing and offsetting the impact  and inconvenience caused by the construction process.


7. We Complete Your Project
We develop a completion list as we near the end of the project  which helps both you and our team keep focused on the decisions and actions required to meet our schedule goals.  We do not  "substantially complete" a project only to return to complete a long "punch list ".  For larger and or more complex jobs, Sunny Brook Builders works with our team of professional subcontractors to keep us on track with quality and scheduling rather than relying exclusively on our production staff.  We stay focused on your project from beginning to end.