Over 30 Years Experience

Let us put our 30 years of experience in remodeling, custom home construction,
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Where do we start?

Please call
Sunny Brook Builders with your ideas.  We offer a free 1 hour consultation for most projects to discuss your ideas, direct you to resources for fine tuning your thoughts, and identify the process to define the scope of work and budget projection.


How do we choose the right builder for us?

How do you choose whom you will trust with the planning and work on probably the largest investment of your life?  A typical process is to have a parade of builders look at your project and give you a price with little justification for the total. Then armed with those numbers, you choose a builder based on the lowest or middle price, while not knowing how you will communicate, the chemistry between you, and the integrity each brings to the relationship.  Then, finding out after making a commitment, whether your selection was a good one or not.


The process that Sunny Brook Builders recommends is that you interview potential builders who were recommended to you without discussing your project in detail. Then check out their references, see if the quality of their work meets your standards, and determine their integrity based on their business and customer testimonials of their past performance.  From this, process you will have a limited group that you feel comfortable entrusting your home to.  The National National Association of Home Builders offers a pamphlet on this subject entitled "How to Find A Professional Remodeler" that we would be happy to send you upon your request.



How much will it cost?

Keep in mind that for all their similarities, each project is a custom 1 off and not manufactured in a controlled assembly line environment.  A good starting point for a ball park budget is to check out the
Remodeling magazine's Cost vs. Value report online.  You need to look at your financial means, determine what you can afford to spend and set a budget amount for all the work you want done before you ask for estimates.  When you share your target budget with contractors you don't waste the time of  everyone's in this process with unreasonable expectations ($2,000.00 is not a reasonable kitchen renovation budget for instance).  Sunny Brook Builders goal in the budgeting process is not to spend your money for you, but to give you a realistic budget for each item you are considering so you can prioritize and contract for the work that best fits your budget.



Do I need or should I get an architect?

In New York State, any remodeling project valued at $20,000 or more, requires an architect or engineers stamp on the drawings.  If your project is less than that threshold, we at
Sunny Brook Builders have the experience, technical background, and knowledge to perform simple design work and we partner with local architects for design work and local engineers for specific structural design on an as needed basis.  You may choose to consult with an architect from the start to get going on the design process.  If so, you should get ball park budgets from contractors early in the process so you don't design the dream project that you cannot afford.



Typically financing for remodeling projects is done through a home equity loan, or a mortgage refinance as well as potentially drawing from savings.  For smaller jobs, 
Sunny Brook Builders
accepts credit cards as well.   After you have a ballpark idea of the cost of your project, you want to know how much equity you have to borrow against and you should talk with your lending agent to know what you can afford to pay and how much you can reasonable budget for the project.  We have many fine local lending institutions that provide a level of service that you won't find with multinational's.


What happens next?

Sunny Brook Builders, we sign a contract that includes a scope of work description of what will be done, the payment schedule and the production schedule for starting and completion of you job.  At the agreement signing, you pay for any preparatory work and special order items that are needed for your project.  We keep you informed of the status of special order items, our progress on securing a building permit, and work with you to identify any color choices and other decisions necessary to make the job flow smoothly and quickly through email and phone communication and in person at weekly project meetings.