Over 30 Years Experience

Let us put our 30 years of experience in remodeling, custom home construction,
and handyman services to work for you.


















The outside of your home has a lot to say.  Does your home have curb appeal?  Even some of the best maintained homes were built with styling that will never be considered classic.  Sometimes more than maintenance is required to take a tired looking home and give it an appealing new look.  Surfaces and colors can be changed, embellishments added, old deteriorating elements rebuilt or replaced and past addition and remodeling errors minimized or eliminated.



Sunny Brook Builders can work with you to make major or minor changes from adding a railing, repainting, changing your front door, replacing your front entry stoop with an entry porch, residing, reroofing, changing your roof line, adding windows, adding trims and coordinating with landscapers to add plantings and walkways an perform driveway work.


Your older home can be transformed from not so nice looking into something you will be proud of when people drive by or come to call and Sunny Brook Builders can make it happen for you.