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Decks are an outdoor play place.

Whether you deck is too small, in need of repair or you need a new deck Sunny Brook Builders is here to help.

Deck framing should be pressure treated lumber with properly sized members, flashing and attachment to the house (high shear strength Fasten Master Ledger Lok screws or other accepted or engineered solutions).  Design to take into account loads like hot tubs are critical to guard against failure. Installing posts that rest on concrete footings and or sonotube concrete piers are needed to properly support the deck frame.  Once the proper frame is in place, the deck has a shape and the finishes can be put in place.


A huge variety of decking and handrail materials are available to give you both beauty and low maintenance.  No more splinters or sanding and painting if that is what you want.  Products from ecologically managed rainforest  hardwoods to local natural species are also available if you desire wood.

Motorized awnings, built in benches and storage, hard piped gas with a quick disconnect for you grill, stair and post lighting, the options are endless and can transform or add a new dimension to your outdoor space.