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Custom Home 1


Sunny Brook Builders is where dreams are built.  Our first custom home, over 30 years ago was made from salvaged hand hewn beams reshaped and fastened with wooden pegs.  Our recent homes are displayed below. These are our customer's dreams brought to reality by long hours of planning.

When it's time to build, it's time to come to Sunny Brook Builders. Bring your plans or ideas, and  we will help you make them materialize.


We are attentive to our customers.  As Bobbi Wasenko told us, "We work so well together that you anticipate my thoughts before I can even say them." 

We use the finest materials, and state of the art technologies.  As craftsmen, we are tops in our    field, we incorporate green building and "clean" building methods and materials for the   chemically sensitive and we are a certified Energy Star Builder.



Cutting Lazzaro clean house


James Cutting and Claudia Lazzaro were ready for a breath of fresh air.  Claudia has multiple chemical sensitivities and building a home for her to live in comfortably is nothing to sneeze at.  They chose an area in the village of Lansing just off Cayuga Heights Rd that is a comfortable commute to Cornell University (Claudia teaches Art History and James teaches Psychology).  We had the opportunity to work with James and Claudia as well as Jason Demarest, AIA and his staff on many of the details of the house design and mechanical systems.  If you are looking for the definition of a custom home this is it.



Many of the materials and design features of this home were dictated by air quality.  Out gassing materials and combustion products were avoided while inert materials and fresh air distribution was encouraged.  The house starts as a concrete and steel framework to move the living environment up and away from leaves, grasses and molds.  A small basement was provided for mechanical systems with only an exterior entrance.


The steel frames formed two distinct buildings with a connector between them (one for living area, kitchen and guests; the other for master suite and office).  Each was overlayed with corrugated steel sheets and covered with concrete radiant floors.  Underneath the structure was insulated with 2 part polyurethane spray foam insulation (1 part sugar beet) and covered with an intumescent coating.  Walls were SIPS with a foil coating inside to keep any out gassing to the exterior.


Exterior surfaces included aluminum doors and windows, cement panel rain screen siding and standing seam metal roofing.  Entry bridge and rear deck are Ipe’ rainforest hardwood (Brazilian Walnut from managed forests) over white oak joists.  Railings for deck and stairs are metal with stainless steel rods.


Interior finishes include stained and polished concrete floors, wheat core doors, low VOC paints and custom (special glues and woods) cabinets.  Tile shower pan was copper, grout was hand mixed from basic ingredients and AFM Safe Coat products were used extensively throughout.  Bamboo floorings were used in the loft and guest rooms and interior metal railings match those on the exterior.


While the design is contemporary and the execution is all custom the mechanical systems are hybrid.  It starts with a direct exchange geothermal system that provides heating for potable water, radiant heating and high velocity forced air as well as cooling for high velocity forced air.  An ERV provides fresh air to the system and a large carbon and media filter helps clean the air.  All the appliances are also electric so no combustion products are produced.


Moving to a new place can have tremendous consequences to sensitive person.  While there may never be a perfect home environment in our area to deal with severe sensitivities, it’s comforting to know that this brand new home can provide the same level of refuge as a home that has been mitigated and out gassed over many years.  And when you feel good you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.