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Cost Estimates


*We do make a few exceptions for limited free budget and scope of work generation services for:

1. Our loyal repeat customers


2. New customers directly referred by our current and past customers

3. Veteran's who are currently serving or have been honorably discharged in the last 2 years


We do expect that all  customers considering a real estate purchase compensate us for our time from the initial consultation through budget and scope of work just as you would your home inspector since we are providing valuable expertise on which in part you will be basing your purchasing decision.


We consistently advise our customers to go online for free and access the “Cost Vs Value Reports” from the Remodeler’s Magazine which give ball park numbers for a variety of projects and is updated annually.


Our 30 years of experience has taught us that spending too little time estimating a project often yields a price that is too low for the builder or too high for the actual value of the work.  In other words, the free estimate is more than likely not fair to either the client or the builder.  Often if the guess is too high, the two parties may never get a chance to work together because the client rejects the budget.  If the guess is too low, the builder either comes back to the customer and asks for more money because there was a mistake or the builder feels pressure to cut corners to at least keep from losing money on the job.  None of these outcomes is satisfactory for either party.  If the process were changed, these poor outcomes may be avoided.


How do you choose whom you will trust with the planning and work on probably the largest investment of your life?  A typical process is to have a parade of builders look at your project and give you a price with little justification for the total. Then armed with those numbers, you choose a builder based on the lowest or middle price, while not knowing how you will communicate, the chemistry between you, and the integrity each brings to the relationship.  Then, finding out after making a commitment, whether your selection was a good one or not.


The process that we recommend starts with checking a builders references.  If you like what you hear about them, interview them and see if you think they are a good fit for you and your project. Then check out their work and see if their quality meets your standards.  Determining your builder based on their integrity, their business and customer testimony of their past performance and their level of quality is a much better formula than chasing the lowest bid. 


Be prepared to talk to your builder upfront about how much will it cost and what your target budget is.  It's important for your builder to know from the start if you have a reasonable budget range so they don't waste time and effort pursuing a course you cannot afford.  We can tell you the cost, but you set your budget. 


When will it be finished?  How long will it take? How will the builder be sensitive to your family life?  Is the builder properly insured?  What steps will they take to contain dust, odors and noise?  What steps can be taken to contain costs?  These are questions that customer references and testimonials should give you insight into.  They should be asked before choosing your builder.


Doing a proper detailed budget projection takes time and is a cost to the construction firm.  If this cost were not billed directly, it would become part of the business overhead, then customers that we work with are paying for estimating work that we did for someone else.  This does not seem fair to us.  Therefore when we provide a project specific budget projection, we expect to be compensated for this service. To be fair to you, this fee is 100% applied toward the project if we are awarded the work described in that budget projection.  When we give limited free services, the cost of those services are built into the project as well.


We urge you to give serious consideration to this selection process and to contact our customer and business references listed here on our website.  Discover our business practices, the quality of our work, and our integrity.  And if we pass this test, we would be happy to perform the budget projection for your project.  We charge $60/hr for this service; again it is applied against your total project cost if we perform the work.  From the outset, you can help keep this cost down by doing your homework and specifying the project in as much detail as possible.  This makes our initial work easier and more efficient.


 Thank you for taking the time to read this statement of our business philosophy.

We at Sunny Brook Builders look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with you.