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Hagen Master Bath (S)

Bock Bath

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Engman Down

Hagen Attic

Hagen Cottage

Hagen Half-Bath

Hagen Master Bath


Engman Down

Master Shower


Locke Shower


Merrill Vanity

Posner Bath

Strock Bath


You want your bathroom to be available, clean and welcoming, but Mother Nature and human nature are working against you in what is often a small, outdated, damp, closed environment where someone sneaked in ahead of you and locked the door when it's your turn. That is why bath remodels and additions are often a top priority.

Remodeling a bath can be anything from re-painting and caulking, to changing a chipped or stained fixture or rusty faucet, to new tile floors, plumbing and light fixtures, cabinetry, painting and windows.   Gutting your bath and starting from scratch may be the best way to get the energy efficiency and layout you really want.

Baths get a lot of use.  And with hot, moist conditions, Baths often need maintenance, replacement of fixtures or complete remodel.  With a family in your home, sometimes another bathroom is really needed.  Sunny Brook Builders has done everything from maintenance to complete remodels to bath additions.  Please contact us about your bathroom plans.