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Let us put our 30 years of experience in remodeling, custom home construction,
and handyman services to work for you.



About Us




The quality of the work on your home is a combination of the person

holding the hammer, the administrative support, and an open, easy flowing relationship with the client.  


At Sunny Brook Builders we take great pride in  skills that each of us bring to every project.  And each of us takes great pains to develop open, honest relationships with our clients. 


Our subcontractors and professional partners have been carefully chosen to have the same commitment to excellence and extensive experience in their field. Our training, professionalism, service to others and a commitment to better serve you and our community.




When you read through our bios on the employees page you will notice a common theme.  Most of us have safety training through OSHA and many years of building experience with a variety of skills.  We value our employees and we commit to a safe job site with weekly staff meetings, tool box safety trainings, OSHA job hazard recognition and mitigation and the proper tools, methods and staging to get the job done safely. 





To serve the community through remodeling, lead safety training and licensing for OSHA Repair, Remodeling and Painting projects is required.  We commit to sending our carpenters to this training to serve and protect both our customers and our employees.  Our EPA license is NAT-21309-0.







We attend NAHB classes to keep up with the latest industry knowledge, methods and Building Code changes and we also attend trade shows and read trade journals to keep up with industry trends.  The time and financial investment in training our staff shows our commitment to this trade, our professionalism and our customers.  Our management has pursued  and received Certifications from NAHB so we can become better business people and learn expertise in many areas of building, design and business management.






We have formal technical training through the Building Performance Institute.  Weeks of classroom, practical and field training is required for BPI certification.  Once certified, additional training is required to keep those certifications active.  Specialized equipment must be purchased and calibrated on a regular basis.  The emphasis is on safety first closely followed by specific performance measures. 






We are proud to announce that our values of fairness and respect extend not just to our clients, but to our employees as well. Our compensation practices meet the standards for certification as a LIVING WAGE EMPLOYER. A living wage has been quantified by Alternatives Federal Credit Union and is the pay rate an employee that works 40 hours per week requires to meet their household basic needs.   Sunny Brook Builders is one of the first certified employers in Tompkins County.   Sunny Brook Builders considers itself a team company.   We value the efforts of each member of our staff.  We recognize the value of each employee's contribution by compensating them with wages and benefits that allows them to meets their family's needs.   






Dean Shea has been involved with Tompkins Cortland Builders and Remodelers Association TCBRA since 1999.  Dean is the immediate Past President, has been a board member since 2000 and is currently Secretary and Chair of the Scholarship committee. 



Dean Shea has been actively involved with the New York State Home Builders Association by attending board meetings and interacting with state leadership.  Dean takes an active role in staying up to date on industry issues at the state level and serves as one of two local board member representatives for our state. 






In May of 2003 as President of TCBRA, Dean Shea teamed up with Nancy Wells, a Cornell Faculty Fellow teaching “Environment for Elders” and Brian Howell, at that time a Cornell Senior and co-director of the Elderly Partnership in the Cornell Public Service Center, to transform a parking area at Lakeside Nursing Home (now Cayuga Ridge) into a garden.  Dean helped guide the team through the design of the shed, fence and pergola as well as the variance and building permit process and was able to procure subcontractor and material vendor donations to help the project stay on budget.  Dean spent countless hours organizing and supervising the TCBRA blitz build days and the follow-up volunteer build days and providing his hands on construction skills to make the garden a reality.





Dean Shea is working with Tompkins Cortland Habitat For Humanity in many capacities.  He is currently a Board Member and leads the Construction Committee.  Over the last few years Dean volunteered his time to coordinate the build on Sperry Lane in Lansing, Wellsley Drive in Dryden and Breed Road in Lansing including skilled site supervision and providing his skilled labor.  Dean is actively involved with training and support for volunteers and the Women Build program (Dean is currently teaching women to install plumbing and venting at the Barrows St. Groton Women Build House), project design and construction specifications and he previously served on the Site Selection Committee.






In the office and on the job site, our recycling and waste management practices have earned us the status of  Re-Business Partner.  We salvage and divert usable items to Finger Lakes ReUse, make use of the Fingerlakes Re-Use Deconstruction Team and council our clients to donate to Habitat For Humanity and Fingerlakes Re-Use or use Freecycle and Craigs List to give away or sell salvageable items and keep them out of the waste stream.  We are doing our part to keep Ithaca and the surrounding area Gorgeous.







For our efforts in fundraising for Tompkins Cortland Habitat For Humanity Sunny Brook Builders was honored by the Board of Sustainable Tompkins for providing our community a Sign of Sustainability.