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Cheers, it’s springtime!
March 2006
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Dear Elizabeth,

Let it be winter now that it’s almost spring. Our chickens are laying eggs again and the sun is so bright reflecting off the snow. I love the seasons! Happy Spring!

Bringing Folktales to Life Using Puppets

Elizabeth McMahon, A.K.A., Mrs. McPuppet, borrows from her background of art and education to bring puppetry to life. With theatrical style, Elizabeth uses puppets and costumes, and plays and sings delightful music to make stories come to life while creating memories and fun for her audiences.

Through this workshop you will learn how to illustrate a story with shadow puppets and make simple paper puppets for reenacting stories; don a costume apron to dramatize a story; and learn the language of the hand puppet to retell stories. Participants will have the opportunity to present original play-lets and enliven activities involving reading and comprehension. A puppet kit (including a hand puppet, idea book, and prop) will be given to each participant. This lively, hands on presentation will provide ideas and an understanding of how to bring literacy to life. At the workshop’s conclusion you will find in your possession an imaginary bag full of simple techniques that will appeal to any child’s sense of fun, a fabulous addition to any teacher’s repertoire

This workshop is being offered to the Ithaca teachers. Perhaps your school would like to plan something similar.Register for this 2- workshop series at www.myle arningplan.com. Day 1: March 23, 2006 3:45-5:15 PM Beverly J Martin School Room: 308 Day 2 Beverly J Martin School, Library April 6, 2006 3:45-5:15 PM

Come and celebrate Spring with Mrs. McPuppet
Here are Two performances open to the public.

Join Mrs. McPuppet on Saturday, March 11 at 11 a.m. as she celebrates Spring with special guests, Mrs. Frog and Mrs. Robin, at Stepping Stones Preschool (208 East Buffalo Street, next to the Unitarian Church). Outfitted in a string of pearls and party dress, Mrs. McPuppet will perform from her latest recording, Magic Parade, and feature Country Mouse City Mouse, starring Henry Taxicab Roquefort III as he travels to upstate New York to visit his cousin Emily.

Please join us for what is sure to be an unforgettable morning full of songs, stories, and puppetry! Tickets are $5 per person (children 2 and under free) and can be purchased in advance at Cat’s Pajamas and Alphabet Soup, or at Stepping Stones Preschool the morning of the show!

In Skaneateles on April 29, Mrs. McPuppet will be giving a performance at St. James Episcopal Church at 10:30 for a fundraiser for Moms and Kids.

Activity: Make a mouse puppet.
Please Try This Anywhere No Professionals Needed!


  • Open your hand and place it in the envelope
  • Push in the middle of the envelope so it takes the shape of a mouth
  • You might need to pull the sides of the middle of the envelope out
  • Glue the ears to the top
  • Draw eyes with a marker
  • Glue several pieces of string (whiskers) with a pom pom for a nose
  • Fold the flap in half and bend out the sides so it looks like an airplane
  • Lick the sticky part and fly it in the top of the puppet so it sits on the flat part of the upper mouth
  • Your fingers will grip it when working with the puppet
  • Give your mouse a name and talk about your life in the city or country


The Madrigal On "Magic Parade"

“Too Much Noise” is a wise and silly folktale that I fell in love with and wrote a song about. The song was fashioned into a madrigal by Kelly Stallard composer, performer and educator based in Philadelphia. A Madrigal is a style of song for several voices without accompaniment from the 16-17th century. Well, we added a harpsichord and recorder and the wonderful voices of Beyondmeasure, the Dryden High School a cappella group.


Come visit with Mrs. McPuppet online at http://www.mrsmcpuppet.com.


Elizabeth McMahon
Mrs. McPuppet

Phone: 607-844-8734



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