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Spring With Mrs. McPuppet!


Baby Hippo Puppet

Listening Activity
Baby Hippo Book


Mrs. McPuppets

Dear Elizabeth,
The thrill of the new season is upon us. The cheerful robins are back, hopping along the ground, turning over the dusty old leaves and sounding their classic whinny.  We have conquered another winter and that is reason to celebrate.
We are also celebrating the 15th anniversary of Baby Hippo, with her irresistible song and silly antics.  Baby Hippo is currently writing her autobiography with stories about her life and adventures which will appear in  a series this summer. She's excited and hopes you will enjoy her books.
Listen to
Baby Hippo
Baby Hippo Puppet 
for teachers and parents and everybody who likes hippos
Cut puppet out of manila folder.
Color and attach tissue paper for the tutu.
Staple a rubber band on the back in the middle of the puppet.  
Slide your hand through the rubber band and two fingers through the holes.

Let your fingers do the dancing as you sing along to the song!
How Well Do You Know Baby Hippo?
Listen to the Song and Answer the Questions
    Where does Baby Hippo sleep?
    Where is Baby Hippo vacuuming?
     How does she demonstrate her good manners?

     Where did I meet her?

     What is requested to put on top of the pizza?
     What sports does the Baby Hippo play?

      "Oh no, she's in the ______?"

Make Your Own Baby Hippo Book
"By You"
Here's the cover. Write about her visit to your house/ What games would you teach her? What places would you show her?  What books would you read to her?

Songs for the Season 
In the classroom or just about anywhere
       1. Billy Goats Gruff (on Magic Parade)  Get up for the "trip trap trip trap over the bridge we go" and move. Compare the classic tale with my new version.
            2   I?ve Got A Toad ( on Magic Parade) A good lead into  hibernation and amphibians. Where do they go all winter long?

            3. Fiddle I Fee ( on Waltzingwith Fireflies) A great action song when you need to move and get the oxygen flowing. Assign different children to be each animal. Some of the motions are set, the cat would put it's fiddle up move the bow back and forth- everyone fiddles too. Then it's the hen, she goes "chipsy chopsy", bend your arms into wings and flap. Have fun making up your own motions. Let the leaders take a bow afterwards.



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