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Welcome to our activities section.  The music, stories and puppets created by Mrs. McPuppet offer many creative opportunities for families and classroom activities.  All these activities build on the dynamic imagination of children and foster creativity and positive interaction.

This page is divided into three sections: activities to go along with the music on Mrs. McPuppet CDs, puppet making from songs sung by Mrs. McPuppet, and activities used by teachers in classroom settings.  Just scroll down the page or click on the section titles below to see all the activities.  We love to hear of new activities from families or teachers.

  If you have an activity you've developed from Mrs. McPuppet songs, just send it to me. Each activity selected to add to this section will win a Mrs. McPuppet CD!. Thanks and enjoy!

    Mrs. McPuppet CD Activities
    Puppet Making
    Classroom Activities

       Make a Shadow Box Puppet Theater and Puppets


Activities to Accompany Mrs. McPuppet Music


Puppet Making

Puppets are creatures of creativity.  All it takes is some cardboard, a chair, and some imagination and all the world can be a stage for your child's imagination. 

 Here are some templates to help build a stage, add costumes and props for your puppets.   Click on the black and white images for full size patterns.

These files are in PDF format which requires the free Acrobat Reader software.

Puppet People



Baby Hippo

Click here for pattern and instructions

Little Red Hen Puppets

Song on Blue Sky Sparklin' Day
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Gingerbread Man

Song on Tea Party Shuffle
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Billy Goat Gruff

Song on Magic Parade
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Three Goats and a Troll


Song on Magic Parade
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The Mitten

Song on
 Blue Sky Sparklin' Day
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I've Got a Toad

Song on Magic Parade
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Henny Penny

Song on
Waltzing with Fireflies
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Classroom Activities


As I travel around I continue to be impressed with the creativity of teacher's in bringing the themes of Mrs. McPuppet home to students in support of classroom curriculum.  This page will contain the ideas that I see.  If you've found a creative way to integrate the songs and messages of Mrs. McPuppet to your classroom please drop me a note so they can be shared with others.  

1.Little Red Hen
a. Behavior- Share stories about helping others- what are situations where you could help someone-how does it make you feel?
b. Science- What do you need to grow wheat- how does it turn into bread?
Grind up some wheat into flour. Draw a chart of the sequence from the planting of the seed to the baking of the bread. Make bread.

2.. Baby Hippo-
a. Geography/Science-Where is Africa- what kind of habitat does a hippo live in? How long do they live? What do hippos eat?
b. Creative writing-storytelling- The baby hippo is coming to your house for the weekend. What will you do with her/him- what games will you teacher -what will you feed her- how does she make you laugh?

3. Pizza Pie-

a. Science- You open up a pizzeria for a specific animal-keeping in mind, their behavior and habitat- draw the pizzeria and the menu. What would an emperor penguin want on its pizza and what would the restaurant be made of?
b. Math-With a large poster board circle (the pizza) cut it in half - 2 semicircles, cut those in half

4. Aquarium

a. Science -Fish- how do they breath- why are they covered with scales-facts-choose what kind of fins
b. creative writing/drawing- if you were a fish what part of the ocean would you swim in- would there be a shipwreck- would you have a hide-away in seaweed or a coral reef- what other sea creatures would you see- starfish -jellyfish- what would you dream of at night?- and illustrate.

5. Norman

a. Creative writing/drawing- Norman is expanding his mind , learning new things, and working on his circus act. Do you have a pet that you can imagine having a different life- perhaps a cat who could purr so beautifully she becomes an opera singer. Invent an animal if you don't have one - a dog that loves to cook- a fish that does ballet.- a iguana that stars in a SCI-Fi
movie and describe this creatures daily activities from dawn to dusk.

6. Curiosity
a. writing and illustrating-This is a song about childhood memories.
Make a scrapbook about yourself or your family, drawing the pictures and
writing the captions.

7. Gingerbread Boy and The Mitten

a. Creative writing- The song about the gingerbread man takes a classic folktale and adds a new twist at the end. The mitten song is a different variation of the folktale. Choose a folktale and make it your own by changing the cast of characters or putting the story in a different season or environment. The Mitten story could be about an old straw hat a farmer forgets in the field and a collection of field and forest animals make it their home.


8. Billy Goats
Patterns for shadow puppets.

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