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A Private Investigator is someone trained in the art of investigation and licensed to do so. Training is usually in specific areas of investigation utilizing a variety of techniques and may include previous experience of police work. A Private Investigator is capable of using small fractions of information and provide a client with what they need to know. For example: using a name, previous address or phone number an investigator can locate that person's current whereabouts and return this information to a client.

Investigators can provide time and money saving services to their clients by going to where the information is. Trained to know where to look for information and utilize search agents of a wide variety which can provide fast, accurate and effective results.


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Are you looking for a missing loved one? Trying to find an old friend? A Private Investigator can accomplish this and more. By using your information, a Private Investigator can locate names, addresses, phone numbers and more through any number of resources, providing you with relevant information. Click below to view a moment in the investigation of an international missing case investigation.

Having domestic problems of another nature? Concerned about your spouse's late night activities? A Private Investigator is trained in surveillance techniques and can provide you an accurate account of the evening's activity. Photographs, audio and video recordings can also be provided in some instances, depending on the client's request.

A pre-employment investigation can give you the edge on your company's hiring policy. By investigating a possible employee, you can determine if their credentials are accurate in accordance with their resume. A background search will also determine if the potential employee has required training, licensing and experience in the required fields to reduce the total cost of training later and possible employee and equipment costs.

Additionally, a pre-employment investigation can reveal careless driving habits, possible criminal history, or other undesirable information about a potential employee. This can reduce the chance of inflated insurance costs, employee pilfering, and other problems that can lead to higher expenditures.

Most states require employers to show clear and just cause prior to the dismissal of any employee. By documenting improper actions and employee behavior you may reduce or eliminate the possibility of a wrongful discharge lawsuit after the dismissal of an employee.

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Once you've decided that you need to hire a Private Investigator you need to know how to find a Private Investigator. But what do you look for and how to decide who to use?

First of all, you want to find one that operates in your desired search area. It isn't of any benefit to hire a Private Investigator that isn't in your locale. They may take the case, but you will have to pay for their transportation to obtain satisfactory results, and that can get expensive. Look in your local Yellow Pages to see if there are any in your area. Ask around to see if anyone has utilized an Investigator. References from friends and associates are sometimes the best.

Obviously if you are reading this, then you have access to the World-Wide-Web. There are a great number of Private Investigators on the net, as well as services to show you where to find them. These include the standard Search Engines (Lycos, WebCrawler, Yahoo, etc.) as well as electronic malls designed for this specific reason.

Experience and Training are very important to a Private Investigator. A Private Investigator should be effective in his work in order to cut down on time and save money. Examine references if given and if you would like, contact previous clients of the investigator to see if they are accurate.

Somewhere within the initial contact with the Private Investigator you should ask about his training, experience and what sort of investigative work is their specialty. Tell them exactly what your problem is or what sort of information that you need, and be sure to ask if they are capable of handling your case at this time.