Joe O'Brien


It is very generous what you did for your client and shows where you stand for: Justice. We (had and) have great respect for you.

Kind regards,

Aad Schalke  CFE RON re
Schalke & Partners BV



Dear Mr. O'Brien

I want to thank you for your incredible efforts on my behalf.. You have helped me bring closure to a part of my life that remained haunting and painful for me and my family.  

Thank  from the bottom  of my heart,

Kevin R.

Joe O'Brien with FBI Director, William Sessions,  and Attorney General 


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Dear Joe,

When I came to you I was frightened, and convinced that I would never see my sister alive again. It was the worst time in my life. Your reassurance to me, your confidence, and especially your persistence and incredible resourcefulness will never be forgotten. 

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Dear Joe:
Your undercover work saved my company, restored my faith in some people I thought betrayed me and stole from me, and lead to the apprehension of the people really responsible for our losses.  Your ability to blend in is phenomenal and hey, you're not a bad baker either...

Thank you ever so much


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Dear Joe and Aaron,
We did it!  I still can't believe that we found Sarah.  Tom and I were sure that our little girl was lost to us forever.   Your contacts around the country with other ex-FBI  agents made all the difference. She's home now, happy and back in school. We'll never forget you.

Gina and Sam L.

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Mr. O'Brien:
It's been some time since you completed the asset investigation for 
 (name omitted)  and your information saved us from a major misstep.  Few people could have found the problems in their accounts that your staff did. Thank you and be assured of our continued wishes for your success.
James Bradshaw, CFO

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It was an unbelievably long trial, and I just want to thank you, now that it's over, for the tremendous advantage you gave me through your meticulous witness preparation.  You drew every bit of information each person had from them and made my job in the courtroom infinitely easier.  It's no exaggeration to say that we couldn't have won without you.  

Jim Better, Esq.

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