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There are three skills critical to any investigation: 

bulletDetermine what you need to know
This ranges from obvious to very complex and requires substantial analytical skills and experience.
 It often means finding experts in special areas.  Our long experience and contacts  help us find the special experts that we may need to answer the first question.

bulletDecide who knows it
This may take the form of an individual, corporation, specific paper document, computer file, or any other form of storing information.  Finding the location of the needed information is a skill of long investigative experience, bulldog determination, and skill in obtaining cooperation from people of all sorts.  There are networks of ex-FBI agents and other police groups around the world.  They form an extensive and invisible support network which is the base of access to people and information all over the world.  We use this resource to the fullest to your advantage.


bulletGet them to tell you.
Sweet talk, tough guy, reasoned logic, confrontation, "social engineering" are just a few tools of the expert investigator. This can't be taught; it comes with experience, and is the key factor which often spells the difference between success and failure. Twenty years of experience as a Senior FBI agent formed the basis of apprenticeship and culminated with a national award from the U.S. Attorney General as the top investigator in the United States. 

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Knowledge, skill, experience, contacts, and extensive international resource networks equal powerful support for a successful conclusion to your investigation needs.


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"The tough problems we solve right away.    The impossible ones ... may take a little longer." 
Joe O'Brien

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