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Boss of Bosses details investigative skills

15 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, translated into 15 different languages, with paperback, audio tape, and a movie to be released shortly,  Boss of Bosses  is more than another story of the Mafia. It is the story of two men: Paul Castellano, Mafia boss of the powerful New York Crime families, and his nemesis, FBI Special Agent, Joe O'Brien, recognized as  the top investigator in the United States by the Attorney General for the investigations recorded in this book.

It's the story of investigative skill, resourcefulness,  dogged determination, and psychological expertise.  It's the story of personal bravery, and the luck borne of persistence and commitment.  

Boss of Bosses: The FBI and Paul Castellano Cover

Paul Castellano headed New York's immensely powerful Gambino crime family for more than ten years. On December 16, 1985, he was gunned down in a spectacular shooting on Manhattan's fashionable East Side.

At the time of his death, Paul Castellano was under indictment. So were most of the major Mafia figures in New York. Why? Because in 1983 the FBI had hidden a microphone in the kitchen of Castellano's Staten Island mansion. The 600 hours of recorndings led to eight criminal trials. And this book.

Agents Joe O'Brien and Andris Kurins planted that mike. They listened to the voices. Now they bring you the most revealing look inside the Mafia ever ... in the Mafia's own words.


"Beautifully done, not only strange and fascinating but even touching."
-- Robert Daley, author of Prince of the City

"At least as good as Mario Puzo, with shades of David Mamet or even Arthur Miller."
-- New York
Daily News


In 1983, FBI agents O'Brien and Kurins planted a microphone in Paul Castellano's opulent Staten Island mansion. The 600 hours of recordings led to eight criminal trials, and precipitated this critically-acclaimed and revealing look inside the Mafia". . . as good as Mario Puzo".--New York Daily News.

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